Favorite Podcasts

This is a list of my favorite podcasts. I love listening to podcasts and therefore I listen to a lot of them.  Hopefully you all will get as much enjoyment out of them as I do.  Or atleast use it as jumping off point to find something that you do love.  Podcasts are mostly very friendly and therefore are known for promoting each others shows so I’m always finding more stuff to fill my ears.

One question I often get is how I can listen to so many podcasts. The answer is that I listen to most of them at between 1.5x and 2x speed.  Also, most of them are only weekly.

The list is broken up by categories. Not everything fits neatly into one single category but I tried.

I left off several podcasts that are no longer producing new episodes, that had very short runs and/or I only listen to certain episodes.  I will only include it on this list if I listen to almost every episode but I will still stay subscribed to it.  Also, I omitted podcasts below about politics and religion for hopefully obvious reasons.

Finally a new website should launch soon that promises to be the IMDB but for Podcasts, it is PodChaser.

Updated Nov 2018

Media Recaps


Hardcore History by Dan Carlin Link
One of the best and most entertaining Podcasts. The podcasts are so long, they are basically audiobooks, amazing juicy audiobooks. Dan Carlin was one of the first and most successful podcasters so it’s not a surprise that most History podcasts sound like his because, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

History on Fire Link

15 Minute History Link
History professors and grad students from UT Austin

BackStory Link
American History

Bowery Boys Link
NYC History

The First: Stories of Inventions Link
Another series from the Bowery Boys

History Author Show Link
Interviews with authors about new History books.

10 US Presidents featuring Roifield Brown Link
In depth interviews about the US Presidents and the history of the US Presidency

Stuff You Missed in History Class Link
High level overview of most history topics in a laidback style

Ben Franklin’s World Link
Early American History

In The Past Lane Link
American History

Scene on Radio Link
American History

Slow Burn Link
American Political Scandals

Fierce City: A London History Podcast Link

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History Link
Malcolm Gladwell “will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.”

Hit Parade Link
Music History and trivia

Mike Duncan Website
Revolutions Link Each season deep-dive into a major revolution
History of Rome Link

Brad Harris, professional historian
How it Began Link Big picture historical topics
Context Link Book reviews of famous history books and interviews with other famous historians

Lindsay Graham
American History Tellers Link
American Scandals Link

Patrick Wyman
Fall of Rome Link
Tides of History Link

Business Wars Link

Lillian Cunningham Website
Presidental – 45 minute bio of each US President Link
Constitutional – Creation and major changes to the US Constitution Link

Parcast Website
Historical Figures – 45 minute biographies of famous people Link
Assassinations – Famous Assassinations Link

FAQ City Website
Random questions answered about Charlotte NC

Away Message Website
Remote spots in North Carolina

Mental Floss magazine’s Favorite History Podcasts Link
Website with a list of History Podcasts Link


Baseball Tonight Link
Daily Baseball show from ESPN’s Buster Olney

Baseball PhD Link
Get your PhD in life through Baseball

The Sporting Life with Jeremy Schaap Link
Mini audio documentaries by the wonderful Jeremy Schaap

Bill Simmons Podcast Link

JJ Redick Podcast Link

Jonah Keri Podcast Link


PacketPushers Website
Podcast Network with lots of podcasts focusing on the Enterprise Networking Industry. Some of my favorite podcasts from them are:
◊◊ Network Break Link
◊◊ Datanauts Link
◊◊ Full Stack Journey with Scott Lowe Link
◊◊ IPv6 Buzz Link

Zigbits Network Design Link

Network Collective Link

Relay.FM Website
Podcast Network that describes themselves as “an independent podcast network for people who are creative, curious, and maybe even a little obsessive – just like its hosts.” Some of my favorite podcasts from them are:
◊◊ Analog(ue) Link
◊◊ Clockwise Link
◊◊ Subnet Link
◊◊ Under the Radar Link
◊◊ Ungeniused Link
◊◊ Upgrade Link

ATP Link

The Talk Show with John Gruber Link

Vector with Rene Ritchie Link

Internet History Podcast Link

Exponent Link
Two MBAs discussion the technology industry from a business perspective

The Tesla Show Link
Tesla as viewed through the lens of two technologists

Media Recaps

The West Wing Weekly Link
Recap of West Wing Episodes

The Rewatchables Link
Movie Reviews

Myke at the Movies Link
Movie Reviews

The Incomparable Link
Movie Reviews

Robot or Not? Link
Jason Snell asks John Siracusa to rule on the meaning of various words and concepts.

Pod4Ham Link
Hamilton Podcast

The Hamilcast Link
Hamilton Podcast

Broadway Backstory Link
Behind the Music for Broadway shows


Freakonomics Radio Link
New ways to look at world from smart people with data

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know Link
Fun and brainy game-show from the Freakonomics crew

Hidden Brain Link
Similar to Freakonomic IMHO

99% Invisible Link

The Memory Palace Link

The Longest Shortest Time Link
Parenting Show

After On Podcast Link
Interviews with scientists who are at the tops of their individual fields

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